Today is Labor day!!! Thank god I don't have to work~~

I slept until 12pm (This is called "Life") and then after I woke up, my dad asked me "Let's go to CiJin this afternoon!! What do you think?"

Since I have nothing to do except watch "Bones" (It's a TV show, not real "Bones)" .... Sure, why not!


Around 3pm, we were in CiJin. The weather was prefect!!! Not too much sun, not too windy...everything is just fineeeee.

We walked to the Lighthouse. It's pretty!!


We stopped for a while and enjoyed the natural beauty.

Before we left the lighthouse, I saw this dog......SOOO CUTE!!!


(Bye Bye, doggy!!)

When we came to this Historical Site, it impress me so much. I started thinking what did it look like when the army was located here and protacted this land.



You know what, I think sometimes hang out with family is kind of fun!! Too bad I can't record all the joks that me and my brother make! He can always make me laugh!!

After a long walk (Actually, its only an hour), we decided to sit somewhere on the seaside walk and enjoy the view....


This place made me feel calm and peace.......

Maybe I should come here more often and enjoy the beauty of the mother earth!!

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  • Ming
  • Good Start...

    Hi Evonne,

    It's good to see your BLOG grand opening this time. I'll be your guest anytime, anywhere!

    I'll fly back to Taiwan this Summer on June 9th. Hopefully I can see you soon and of course need your guidance in Kaohsiung.

    Please say hello to your parent for me.

  • DMAA
  • Hi sis,

    Got your message from skype. We all miss you as well. Somehow both boys still remember and imitate the way you talk with laugh. You know they are craze but fun. We will be back in summer too. Looking forward to seeing you then. xoxo -DMAA